Critical Conversations

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The Office of Conflict Resolution and Dialogue Programs (CRDP) hosts Critical Conversations that offer informal collegial space to engage in dialogue about issues of social justice, equity, and inclusion. Critical Conversations occur either in person or online.

Critical Conversations are open to IUPUI faculty, staff, students, and the Indianapolis community. CRDP welcomes opportunities to collaborate with faculty, staff, and others on relevant topics of interest to the IUPUI community.

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Featured past Critical Conversations

  • Teaching Contested Narratives for Equitable and Inclusive Education—Lessons from Israel and Cyprus
  • How to Talk about Controversial Topics at Work (When You Can’t Walk Away)
  • Suffrage, Voting Rights, and Elections: Safeguarding Democracy
  • Securing Health Justice for All—Pathways to Achievement Now and Beyond COVID-19
  • Post-Election Discussion: Your Voice, Our Values, and the Vote
  • How Can We Have Authentic Political Discourse?
  • The Power of Yes, And: Using Improv for Critical Conversations
  • Addressing Implicit Bias at IUPUI
  • Reducing Social Class Barriers in Work and Education
  • The Freedom of Gender Expression
  • Talking about Race, Religion, and Politics on Campus

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