Pratcher Memorial Scholarship

Amber Pratcher was a valued and beloved IUPUI employee from 2007 to her sudden death in 2015.  Amber had an outstanding work ethic and used her innovation in technology to benefit diversity initiatives across the campus.  Her exemplary leadership and dedication to cultural awareness, as well as to the success of diverse students at IUPUI, helped to elevate the University’s reputation in the Indianapolis Community. 

Amber believed in “lifting as she climbed.”  By serving as a mentor for the IUPUI Student African American Sisterhood (SAAS), she encouraged students from similar backgrounds to persist and succeed in their educational pursuits.

In 2017, the Amber Curtis Pratcher Memorial Scholarship was established to honor her memory and to continue the support of SAAS members at IUPUI.

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In 2007, Amber Pratcher joined the IUPUI Enrollment Management staff as the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Scholarships. She was promoted to Senior Assistant Director in 2014 due in large part to her commitment and dedication.

Amber was an impressive and motivated individual.  She was extremely dedicated to education and how it can change the world.  After earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication from Ball State University, she earned a Master's Degree in Higher Education from Indiana University Bloomington, as then went on to complete her second Master’s Degree in Informatics (New Media) at IUPUI.  She used her education to leverage her innovation in technology to benefit Diversity at IUPUI through various projects.

  • She created a website about Indiana Avenue, highlighting its historical aspect for her Informatics Capstone, which is still being featured on the MSC website as a resource to learn about this major thoroughfare that housed shopping, entertainment, work and schools for the local community.  Indiana Avenue’s connection to IUPUI is an immovable diversity link, and the website is meant to raise awareness about where Indiana Avenue was and where it is today. Featured in Inside.IUPUI.EDU .

IUPUI was fortunate to benefit from Amber’s outstanding work ethic and dedication to furthering Diversity initiatives across campus. Her exemplary leadership and dedication to cultural awareness, as well as to the success of diverse students at IUPUI helped to elevate our reputation to both the Campus and Indianapolis communities.

 Amber believed in Service.  She had particular compassion for children born with birth defects and was actively involved in the March of Dimes walk-a-thons and raised funds annually for this organization.  An avid progressive activist who participated in many community activities, Amber made a positive impact on every opportunity in which she participated.  Amber was also the CEO of Real Zetas and spearheaded the #IAMZETA movement through her tireless work as a member, officer, and leader with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated – Mau Tau Zeta Chapter, Speedway, IN.  With her amazing talents, she later formed ACP Creative providing graphic/logo/flyer services.

Despite her numerous accomplishments and accolades she still remained humble, never flaunting her achievements. She gave of herself tirelessly and inspired many youths to pursue a college education, providing wise counsel to encourage them to live up to their potential and enhance their quality of life. The legacy represented in Amber’s life will be carried on through the awarding of her memorial scholarship based on the following attributes:  Service, Leadership, Innovation, Cultural Awareness, and Education.

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