Opportunity to Dream Scholarship

COA estimates for the 2021-22 academic year

Expense typeLiving on campus (In-State)Living on campus (Out-of-State)Living off campus (In-state)Living off campus (Out-of-State)Living with parent
Tuition and fees$10,042$32,100$10,042$32,100$10,042
Books and supplies$1,050$1,050$1,050$1,050$1,050
Room and board$10,588$10,588$10,588$10,588$2,118

Scholarship Recipient Stories

"Being a DACA student poses many challenges one of them being finding funds to pay for a post-secondary education. This scholarship will play a crucial part in my educational journey. It will allow me to continue to push myself, learn new skills, and achieve my goal of giving back to the community" - William

"Receiving this scholarship means to me many things. Firstly, this scholarship is an honor and a blessing for me. It means that I will be able to continue my academic journey here at IUPUI and complete my bachelor's degree. It also means that my hard work is paying off. That the nights not sleeping to study and completing homework is paying off. Also, receiving this scholarship reduces my financial stress and will help me with concentrating much more in my studies. I am thankful to be able to receive this opportunity!"  – Esmeralda

"Receiving this scholarship will help me tremendously by allowing me to focus more on my studies while taking away some of the financial burden. Winning the IUPUI Opportunity to Dream Scholarship reflects how far I've come as a DACA recipient and puts me closer to becoming the first college graduate in my family." – Camila