I would say that my experience through this program has been incredible. I have had the opportunity to study abroad, emcee events on campus, meet mentees and coach them through time management, and more. NBDLP is a program that everyone should be a part of because it grows you as a person so much.
Karen McIlrath
C/O 2018, B.S. Business
The NBDLSP reminded me of the importance of my heritage.
Bernard Lee 
C/O 2018, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
The Norman Brown Diversity and Leadership Program has always been there for me throughout my entire college career, and has brought forth so many opportunities for me as well as helped me hone in on what I want to make out of my career.
Robert Babcock
C/0 2017, B.S. Psychology
Norman Brown greatly enabled me to bear the financial burden of a post-secondary education while affording me the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about cultures, diversity, and people. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program, and hope it continues to provide others with the same invaluable experience I had as a Norman Brown Scholar.
Brianna Membres 
C/0 2017, B.S. Elementary Education
NBDLSP provided a family for me to grow as a leader. It was fun and welcoming.
Ayodamola Otun
C/O 2017, B.S. Biology

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