Implicit Bias Training

Implicit Bias Workshops

In response to multiple requests, the Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is offering Implicit Bias Workshops with facilitation provided by the Peace Learning Center, the same agency that provided Executive Search Committee Implicit Bias Trainings for two years at IUPUI.

Limited to 50 participants per workshop, these trainings will be highly interactive and require attendance at two, 90-minute webinars. Upon completion, those who attend the entirety of both workshops will receive a Certificate of Completion.

The workshops are full. Additional trainings will be scheduled at a later date.

What is Implicit Bias?

Implicit biases are defined by the Kirwin Institute as attitudes or stereotypes that are activated unconsciously and involuntarily. They are not the same as biases that a person might try to hide because they're unpopular or socially incorrect. Social scientists believe that implicit biases are learned as young as age 3 and may be fueled by stereotypes perpetrated by the media, or beliefs passed along by parents, peers, and other community members.

Harvard University Project Implicit Site

Free, online, implicit bias tests are offered by Harvard University’s Project Implicit Program. There are a number of short tests available on the site.

Ready to test yourself?
Step 1. Visit the following link -
Step 2. Select the United States in the left hand box and click on the "Go" button
Step 3. Read the disclaimer and click, "I wish to proceed."
Step 4. Each test takes 5 to 10 minutes. (e.g., Race IAT, Arab-Muslim IAT, Skin-tone IAT, Sexuality IAT, Disability IAT, etc.)
Step 5. Please record your findings and thoughts after each test. [Note: The results of your tests are only available to you.]